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An electric bicycle is just like a regular bicycle that you can pedal normally or not, get assistance up to 20mph, and doesn’t make you sweat just looking at it. Imagine a bicycle that will get you across Denver quicker than a car, but uses less energy on a 150 miles of riding than a 5 minute hot shower. With quick and smooth, easy-to-control power and a long-lasting removable battery this bike gives you the power to conquer hills and headwinds with ease.

Misceo iE Sport


SALE PRICE $1,999.88
Originally $2,999.99

  • A feature complete, light weight commuter style electric bike (aluminum frame, carbon fiber fork) with great power transfer and an efficient, smooth mid-drive motor
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with two-finger levers for nimble operation, quick wheels for easier transport, removable display and battery pack
  • Available in three frame sizes for improved fit (one color and frame style, high-step), quality 10 speed drivetrain, integrated LED lights.
  • The battery pack has to be removed from the frame to be charged, power transfer is great but the frame is stiff, the display panel is small but highly adjustable and backlit

Detour iE

SALE PRICE $1,799.88
Originally $2,699.99

  • An efficient, light weight commuter electric bike available in two frame sizes and high-step or low-step styles, the swept back bars and ergonomic grips support an active upright body position
  • Narrower tires, firm saddle and all-Aluminum frame and fork provide great power transfer when pedaling but can become less comfortable when riding across bumpy terrain
  • Integrated plastic fenders, sturdy adjustable-length kickstand, integrated handle at the back of the saddle and a functional rear rack with standard-sized tubing for use with panniers or a trunk bag
  • The battery is light weight and streamlined in appearance but has to be removed from the bike to charge which presents more opportunities for accidental drops, the display panel is a bit small but backlit and removable

Sprite iE

SALE PRICE $1,399.88
Originally $2,099.99

  • An approachable electric bike with deep low-step frame, adjustable stem, swept back handle bars and a large comfortable saddle
  • Simple linear pull brakes work well and are easy to adjust, quick release skewers on both wheels for hassle-free maintenance, removable battery pack for on or off-bike charging
  • Powerful mid-drive with four levels of assist and optional boost button pad (for throttle on demand operation), the lower levels of assist are smooth and quiet
  • No shift sensing built in to the drive unit so ease off, the motor responds mostly to cadence vs. torque so it’s easy to pedal, solid two year comprehensive warranty

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