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At Turin’s Denver bike shop, we pride ourselves on making sure you get the right bicycle for what you want to do. We guarantee that it will work right. We guarantee that it will be the right fit.

We don’t just follow fads. Our bicycles, accessories and clothing are selected for their proven performance, functionality, and value. We test everything to make sure that it stands up to our own demanding criteria, so that it will provide satisfaction to you.


Whether you’re cruising for coffee or riding the Rockies, Turin has the bicycle for you. Road, mountain, commuter or recreational cyclist. Kids too!

Our extensive selection includes Specialized, Bianchi, Wilier, Colnago, DeVinci, Linus, and more. First bicycle or your ultimate dream machine, we’ll make sure you get the right bike, and the right fit to get you comfortably on your way.

Our new bicycle assembly goes above and beyond the normal. Every bicycle is completely disassembled, then rebuilt with correct adjustment and lubrication at every step of the way. Better assembly means better performance and reliability down the road.


Turin has the best selection of bicycle clothing, shoes, and helmets. Our staff will get you into the gear you need to ride comfortably and safely in any condition, all year long.


Need a lock? Lights? Cyclometer. A pump? Bells, mirrors, tools, baskets, repair stands, car racks and storage solutions. We’ve got it all and good advice to make sure you get what you need for your bike.


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